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Brownfield or Greenfield: Whose field is this anyway? Rerun 2024!

OK, I wrote this beauty a couple of years ago. And then I thought about what has happened in the past few years now that SAP has laid down the law about migration away from ECC. 2025/2027 are the ‘new norms’ for SAP customers. So, here is my revision of what I wrote several years…

Custom Code: The Achilles Heel to S4/HANA Migrations

I wanted to follow up on my last posting regarding migration from SAP ECC to S4/HANA with a looming timeline of either 2025 or 2027 for end of support from SAP. In my last blog, I spoke about utilizing WestTrax, a super awesome app that ‘discovers’ things you never knew about your SAP ECC instance.…

The SAP Evolution: A Journey of Innovation

SAP ECC – End of Life and What to Do You know, I was sitting down today and pondering just how I am going to get the message out to everyone that’s interested. Interested in what? Well, how about starting with those folks running SAP ECC and are facing a timeline to upgrade or migrate…

S4/HANA Finance: Where all roads lead …

S4/HANA: Get Ready! 2025. That’s 5 years from now. That’s when SAP is ending support for SAP ECC. In approximately 50 days from this writing, the current decade will end and the start of the next decade begins. If you thought that 2010 – 2020 was fast moving from a technology perspective, the next decade…

S/4 HANA Experiences Needed: CIO’s Need To Know: Where are the SAP AE’s?

SAP S/4HANA Yes, we’ve all heard about SAP S/4HANA. And many of the CIO’s reading this blog will be trying to understand just how they get to S/4HANA. How do they take those myriad of SAP instances that are running SAP’s ECC version, and move the entire company up to a completely new level that…

Data: The Gift that No-one Wants

SAP system migration management When was the last time someone jumped up and offered to be a data steward? Can’t remember? Neither can I! It is one of the most needed positions in a company and in a systems implementation, yet it seems to be the forgotten function. Why? Data is the driver As everyone…


Significant global industry experience in:

Consumer Products

(Food, Beverage and Cosmetics),

Apparel Retail,

Apparel Footwear,

Vertically Integrated Retail,

Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR),

Private Brands,



Insurance / home warranty,

Aerospace, Transportation,

Cold-chain Logistics.

30+ Years of Experience

Globally focused and experienced in developing integrated business and technology strategies resulting in successful deliveries. A C-Suite peer and mentor in all thing’s technology from organizational assessments and designs to technology strategies to security to technology solutions – digital, cloud, eCommerce, mobile, CRM and legacy – and everything in between.  Implemented SAP ERP and BI 17 times, 13 countries, 5 languages!  Global implementations of ecommerce, networks, outsourcing, insourcing, supply chain, security, and more!  Brings cross-industry experiences to the conversation to enable growth, agility, and delivery of major transformational solutions.

Award Winning

Winner of several awards

The coveted CIO 100 Award for successfully integrating a $1B acquisition in less than a year – using innovative technology solutions that resulted in over 400% ROI.

West Trax Quality Awards for SAP Standardization and Optimization (2008, 2009, 2010)

Progressive Manufacturing Institute Award (2010)

Information Builders ‘Highest ROI’ Excellence Award (2006)

Published in CIO Magazine, Manufacturing Technology, and other professional publications – globally.


Global thinking ‘built-in’

Lived in France, Spain and The Netherlands for 15 years.

Worked in over 25 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa.

Understands the nuances required to operate in different countries.

A keen understanding of cultures and cultural differences; and how they contribute to successful outcomes.

A builder of international management and teams skilled in all thing’s technology.


Extensive expertise in selecting and implementing a variety of technologies to solve business requirements:

Digital, eCommerce, Mobile,

SAP, Business Intelligence,

Security (PCI, GDPR…),


Manufacturing, Supply Chain,

Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, Subscription),

Custom Applications,


NomadCIO is here to deliver results!


Having troubles with your existing technology function and need someone who can speak your language and deliver your business strategies through technology?

NomadCIO assists in developing your technology strategies by providing a different and challenging points-of-view on the strategic direction of technology that is aligned with business vision and goals.

Stefan Hetges

Founder and Chairman at smartShift Technologies

David helped us tremendously to sharpen our positioning in a strategic direction. He advised us on the challenges CIOs are confronted with in their daily jobs and how to position our solution to reduce risks and add value. He guided us to change the offering to bring more value to our customers. He was great to work with and I would take him into my team anytime.

Carl Waitz

Consultant at WellMed Medical Management

David arrived at Daymon after a rapid succession of three previous CIOs and what had been a very difficult time for the IT department. Within days though, it was obvious that David was immensely experienced and capable, and his leadership calmed the entire department. He subsequently led IT groups in disparate locations around the globe through major reorganization and downsizing under incredibly challenging pressures. I became and remain an admirer. I can think of no one better to lead absolutely any team of IT professionals.

Mike McNamara

Finance Manager Internal Audit at Meredith Corporation

David has put in place a world class people organization utilizing best practices principles and methodologies. As business lead for a complex SAP supply chain implementation at the company’s North Carolina factory, I had the opportunity to work with his team. I was impressed by their expertise and professionalism on the project. David is very proactive in identifying and implementing new cost effective solutions for the business, providing a real competitive advantage. His excellent managerial skills, coupled with his technical knowledge, are major contributing factors in his organization’s ability to provide word-class service to Coty. On a personal level, David was a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional. I would welcome the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Todd Larkin

Supply Chain Executive

David was my primary customer at Coty. He was excellent to work with because he possessed a driving vision for how IT could elevate Coty to the next level. His work to integrate Unilever Cosmetics into Coty through the use of SOA was an amazing achievement in the short time frame provided and was covered prominently in industry publications. His leadership and continued focus on long-term ROI will continue to benefit Coty worldwide well into the future.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCES: Consumer Products (Food, Beverage, Cosmetics), Apparel Footwear, Retail (Apparel and Food), Aerospace, High-Tech, Software, Communications, Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), Industrial Manufacturing, Private Brand, Financial Services, Warranty, Cold-Chain Logistics