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Chateaux Software Elects New Members to Advisory Board
– PR Newswire

Chateaux Software (, a leading provider of business intelligence and lean architecture solutions, announces the establishment of a strategic Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is comprised of influential technology leaders who will complement the leadership team and support Chateaux in their mission of providing exceptional technology solutions to the marketplace.

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When to hire an Interim CIO
– Heller Search Associates

When a void in technology leadership cannot be tolerated while an executive search is conducted, it makes sense to hire an interim CIO. Wide scale data breaches are too often in the news these days. As a result, a company at the center of such a breach may find itself suddenly without a CIO.

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Former Coty CIO Predicted Death of Bid for Avon
– The Wall Street Journal

Just hours before Coty withdrew its $10.7 billion bid for rival beauty products seller Avon Products Monday, former Coty CIO Dave Berry predicted to CIO Journal the companies wouldn’t strike a deal. Berry said the companies’ different business models might have made for a messy marriage.

CIO Journal. The Wall Street Journal. Media publication of NomadCIO, David Berry

Have Code, Will Travel For Nomad CIO
– The Wall Street Journal

Dave Berry is not your typical CIO. On Monday mornings he boards a plane out of New York City and commutes to his job at TOMS Shoes in Los Angeles. Then he flies back every Thursday night to be with his wife and three children for the weekend. Come Monday, he does it again.

CIO Journal. The Wall Street Journal. Media publication of NomadCIO, David Berry

HomeServe USA Names Dave Berry
– The Wall Street Journal

HomeServe USA, the North American branch of U.K.-based HomeServe plc, provides repair services for water, sewer, electrical, HVAC and other home emergencies. The company, which holds two million contracts for 1.3 million homeowners in the U.S. and Canada, hired Mr. Berry to build out the company’s technology infrastructure to support future growth.

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How I Landed My New CIO Job
– Global CIO

I had been working as an interim CIO for four years and I was quite content with that. After spending most of my career in food and beverage, and CPG (Danone, PepsiCo, Burger King, Häagen-Dazs, Coty), I loved how being an interim CIO exposed me to new industries, including high tech, telecomm, retail, and financial services.

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– Information Builders Magazine

Coty is one of the largest beauty companies with sales of 3 billion in 2006.
“We had two strong business drivers for creating a new integration infrastructure. We were on the verge of signing a big and long term outsourcing contract with IBM’s. The other business driver was the acquisition in July 2005 of several of the Unilever brands, with Calvin Klein as the best known label.”

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Global Enterprise and Real-Time Financial Computing
– Ledger Domain

We founded LedgerDomain two years ago with a simple goal: the application of new blockchain technologies to enterprises the world over. This white paper provides an overview of blockchain design choices for the same disruptive technology in your ecosystem.

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Migrating from Analog to Digital
– CIO insights

Many companies find themselves of having an IT organization that is well suited to the “analog” world while everything they read is about companies going digital. They wonder if they’re missing something.

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Preview of How Coty Tackled Post-Merger Supply Chain Integration

“Integration means the supply chain,” says Berry, an American based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. And the supply chain was a mess; it spanned 10 countries, employed four ERP systems that fed three warehouse systems running five major distribution facilities on two continents. And now Berry had to figure out a way to get all those systems to communicate with one another. And do it in 180 days.

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Proving SOA Worth Is a Big Challenge for IT
– Computer World

The allure of easing integration costs and infusing flexibility into rigid
monolithic applications is persuading IT shops to flock to Web services and service-oriented architectures. But soon after committing to use the new integration architectures, many IT managers find themselves searching for ways to justify the cost to top corporate management.

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ROI case study Coty
– Case Study Forum

Coty Integrates Unilever into its IT Infrastructure, Gains $8 Million in Benefits
with Information Builders iWay Software.

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The Physical, Virtual Future of Retail
– Harvard Business Review

The rise of digital shopping has disrupted the retail industry, causing a fundamental shift in the way retailers conduct business and empower their employees at every level. It requires delivering a modern workplace designed to meet evolving employee expectations and the challenges of an increasingly complex digital landscape.


Forrester Case Study
– Coty: Create A Unified Global Brand

Over the past decade, Coty, the world’s leading maker of men’s and women’s fragrances and cosmetics, has been acquiring the brands necessary to “fill
the gaps” in its offerings to the international market.

Computer World. Media publication of NomadCIO, David Berry

Users look to offer BI access to customers partners
– Computerworld

“Business intelligence for the masses” has been an industry buzzphrase for the past several years. But several users at Information Builders Inc.’s Summit 2006 user conference here said yesterday that they are embracing the philosophy with new projects to quickly move BI reports and analysis out to front-line workers, suppliers and customers.